Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2nd gyne visit

Both of us were excited to look at our baby's progress. My hubby always insist he follow to every visit to the gyne. He loves his baby very much. Sometimes I cannot count how many times he kissed my tummy in a day. During the visit the doctor scan my tummy again and he said the baby is still 6 weeks. I was puzzled. Last week he said the baby was 6 weeks and now still 6 weeks?! So my hormone doctor explained that my period is irregular and due to that it was difficult to determine how long I've been pregnant.

The first trimester was not too bad actually. My sensitive nose became super sensitive, anything smelly can make me vomit. I have lost my appetite. Sometimes I get dizzy. Every time I take a cab I will vomit. Besides that everything was fine.

I still remembered when I broke the news to my close friends that I am pregnant, they told me not to be too happy because anything can happen during pregnancy - miscarriage etc. I know they are overly concern about me and don't want me to be hurt if anything happen to my baby. I have been thinking the baby is not mine fully. Almighty God give me the responsibility to do my best to bring the baby up. Everything in this world is not ours. It is only temporary. People and anything dies anytime. We only have the joy to love and given the opportunity to make the best out of everything we have in this world while we still have it. We are only measured on what we have achieved in this world and after world we are measured by our faith and doings. It is hard to express or explain this stuff but it keeps me going for not taking anything for granted.

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