Saturday, July 15, 2006

32 weeks check up

Hi Sweetie,

Today mummy and daddy went for 32 weeks check. The doctor said your heart is beating well and your size is normal like any other 32 weeks baby. So from my opinion I am doing a pretty good job despite being diabetic. You are not too big at all. But I was told to take extra care of myself from now till 36 weeks. Both doctor said this is my crucial period. After 36 weeks I can deliver you anytime safely. I must make sure my glucose level is perfect and to monitor my blood pressure closely. I was told that during this period blood pressure can shoot up anytime and cause complications. The doctors are worried that my blood pressure will shoot up. They told me to rest and at any time they can give me mc. I can't leave my classes... am committed to finish the assignment.

I did not get any pictures of you :( The doctor always make a quick scan coz too much scan is not healthy. I saw your cute heart beat pumping steadily. While the doctor was measuring the circumference of your head, I saw a tiny hill.. I was figuring out what was it. I realize it's the tip of your nose!!! It was so cute.. geram mummy cuteeee very tiny nose. heheheheheh

The great news of the day is that "You are in the right position!" You are no longer breech. Alhamdulillah.. so the chance of normal delivery is higher...yeayyy I am so happy and relieved. If I can recover quickly.. we can have so much fun together.

The doctors want to see mummy every 10 days. There are days where daddy have to work. I told daddy that I can go for check up myself and he can go to work. Daddy refused. He insist on going for check ups with me and to choose dates that he is available. Daddy loves to see you. He always look forward for our check up. Yup... daddy loves you very much. He always try his best to talk to you everyday. And I believe you love to hear him talk to you daily. Lately I love to stare at your daddy's face. I feel as if I am looking at you. I can still remember, during the first few months of pregnancy you like daddy. You definitely are daddy's boy!

After check we went to eat chicken rice at Bugis. Daddy is in chicken rice mood for the past few days. After that we went to Marina Bay, Millenia walk, Harbour Front and lastly Ten Mile Junction. We went air con hunting. Finally we get to buy air con at Ten Mile Junction which is about $500 cheaper than other places. Same model but with free installation etc. Everything covered. I told daddy to wait but he can't take it anymore. Our broken air con causes the electricity bill to shoot up.

Today mummy felt cramps around my tummy area every 2 hours. Maybe am just tired that's why I felt the cramps. So we go into labour after 36 weeks okay? You help mummy to make you healthy okay? See you in 5 to 8 weeks time.

Love you babe

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