Monday, August 07, 2006

Alhamdulillah.. Subhanallah for HIS gift.

My darling Fa'iz Hilman,

Finally you were born on 5 August 2006, 11 Rejab 1427 Hijrah at 0755 hours. I will change the layout of this blog when am recovered and have the time. We'll find a nice one okay? To recap what happened... all is Almighty Allah's destiny.

On Thursday we went for check up. Doctor asked me to choose a date to deliver. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? I told him that I have to discuss with daddy about this. He gave me till Saturday to tell him our decision. I sms daddy and he asked me to check Islamic calendar. After check up I went to Tanglin Mall for a hot drink with Aunty Nadia. She accompanied to the clinic on that day. As soon as I finished drinking, we went window shopping at Tanglin Mall. I was looking for a nursing apron actually. But the one I want was out of stock. The supplier did not bring it in Singapore for months. I bought pillow cases and lettering for your room. Finally I am tired and the time was about 5.30pm. I told Aunty Nadia "Kak Atiah penat ah.. we go supermarket lepas tu balik ah.." She immediately replied "Ingat Kak Atiah tak tau penat. Nadia dah penat ni heheheh." krhekrhekrhe in my heart.. hmm am pregnant yet I have more energy heheheh We went to the supermarket and went home.

In the evening after pizza hut dinner, I rest in my room. Out of sudden I smell smoke. I asked Uncle Mizi, did she smoke? He laughed. Daddy already warned them a few times that they are not allowed to smoke in the house. I began to feel nausea. I can't take it. Tears start to roll on my cheeks. A few minutes later my tummy hurts. I think you are the one who is hurt. I called daddy told him what happened. I checked my urine for albumin. The results was +++. At 8pm it was +++ too. I had no choice but to call the doctor. I argued with Gleaneagles Answering service because she don't want to the doctor. I told her okay fine.. I will take the risk and wait till morning. I am not sure if I should go to the hospital. The staff will be blur because usually the doctor will inform the hospital staff what to do. Finally the answering service put me through on the 3rd line. She could hear me talking to the doctor. The doctor told me go to Mt Alvernia hospital and request for 1 hour CTG. He said don't wait till morning. It is not worth it. My baby's life is so precious. I quickly get ready and asked Uncle Mizi to follow me. I was worried. I cried while I talked to daddy over the phone because of the pain in my tummy. I went to the hospital. I told the doctor's instructions. The nurses did all test and the doctor decided that I need to be warded. He said I will have to deliver the baby soon. He told me he is willing to wait for daddy till Saturday morning only. No later than that. With or without daddy, I have to deliver you. I was warded and called daddy to inform him. Daddy finally reached hospital at 6am. Daddy was excused from reservist for a few hours. Aunty Nadia panicked. I let them be. I just want them to learn to never smoke when there's a pregnant woman around them....

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