Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Full of drama...

Hi darling,

It's 6am. Daddy left for camp 30 mins ago. He supposed to book in last night at 2300 hrs. But he can't make it, that's why he requested to book in the morning. Do you know why? We thought I have to deliver you last night. Wahhh really full of drama. Kecian daddy.

Yesterday, Aunty Nadia slept over, Aunty Raudhah drop by, Uncle Mizi sleep over now and Uncle Nazri also drop by. All worried that I am alone. So during day time Mummy, Uncle Mizi and Aunty Nadia went to Bukit Panjang Plaza to buy 2 plastic drawers to keep your things. The colours are very sweet. I love it. But the price ok ah.. 2 four tier drawers for $100. I still think Ikea blue wardrobe for kids cost $200 at the reject corner still worth it. But never mind la.. maybe not meant to be for you.

Later I taught Aunty Nadia and Aunty Raudhah how to cook spaghetti. All 5 of us have dinner. While eating daddy sms me saying "(ur name).. Daddy in the cab. On the way back." I was happy. Finally daddy reached home. Daddy had a drink and quickly take a bath so that he can talk to you. He talk to you and you only touch him gently. When daddy said "Tonight daddy still need to go reservist." Immediately you kicked him hard. Kecian pipi daddy heheheh tapi padan muka gak ah. And daddy explained to you why he needs to go for reservist.

At about 10pm daddy get ready to go back to camp and he also wants to eat some spaghetti. I did a quick test on albumin (protein). I had a shocked. It was +++ 3 plus! I called daddy to come to the toilet. Showed him the test strip. He also said it looks +++. I took out my blood pressure meter and check my blood pressure. It was very high. I called the doctor and the doctor asked me to go to Mt Alvernia immediately. He told me not to eat anything in case I have to be operated immediately. I did the albumin test again at home. It still shows +++. So no choice I had a quick bath, get ready and do Isya' and sunat prayers. Daddy did his prayers too. I prayed that you will be safe. Uncle Mizi and Aunty Nadia insist on following. When we about to go to hospital, I salam and kiss daddy. Asked for forgiveness and told him to really take care of you if anything happens. He also asked for forgiveness and told me everything will be fine. He told me not to worry. I cried a bit hehehehe cenggeng gak aku. After that I kissed Aunty Nadia and Uncle Mizi. I love them both.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was told to go to labour ward immediately. The nurses did a CTG, check my urine and blood pressure. I was observed for one hour. I hate to lie on the bed for one hour or so. It gives me a back ache. If I lie down side ways they won't be able to hear your heart beat. So no choice but to endure. You kept on kicking the doppler. I know you don't like it but no choice. Doctor need to check your heart beat. The nurses said your heart beat is fine. My glucose was very high because I just drank H20 downstairs. I want to buy mineral water but no stock! ish! So no choice I really need a sip to clear my throat. The albumin (protein) is + only which is 1+ wahhhh why like that?! They did the second test. It is still 1+. Okay la good news I don't have to c-sect immediately. phewwww... But I still wonder, why at home +++ but at hospital +. You don't want daddy go back to camp is it?

Anyway it's okay. Daddy said you gave us a drill. To practise being kanchiong hehehehe Am glad you are okay. Seems like today I have to drink more water no sweet stuff uhuk uhuk uhuk.. for your sake I sacrifice. I hope I will remember I am suppose to drink water only heheheheh

It's 6.30am. I want to go back to sleep.

Love you

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