Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sentimental mummy!

My mummy very sentimental. A little bit want to cry..sigh. First time she saw me crying with tears.. she also want to cry. At that time I was with grandma. Mummy was bathing. When she's out of the toilet, she can hear me cry. She quickly dressed up and look for me. She saw one drop of my tears, she feels like crying.

After I came back from hospital, I don't want to breastfeed. Doctor asked mummy and daddy to train me to breastfeed again. I stayed one extra at Mt Alvernia Hospital because I have jaundice. Since mummy not there the nurses gave me milk in a bottle. I love it. No need to suck so much the milk can come out already. So when I at home I still want milk in a bottle. Daddy tried not to let me have my bottle. Daddy wants mummy to give me breastfeed. I refused and I cried very loud. But no tears. I macho boy heheheheh Instead mummy cry because see me want bottle so much. Mummy pity me so much. Daddy feel sad see mummy cry, daddy make milk in a bottle for me. No worries. Next day I want to breastfeed again. Just want to test my mummy and daddy only hehehehe (Why am I writing in Singlish?)

And today mummy want to cry again. Ish... mummy why like that? I pass motion. I have to teran a few times. I squeezed in out I think 3 times. Mummy see me trying to pass motion. Mummy pity me. Mummy want to cry. Mummy asked daddy to see me poo poo. Daddy look at mummy face almost want to cry. Daddy terbaring. Daddy talk to himself. Daddy said "Tak pernah I nampak mak orang mcm gini. Mcm mana nanti kalau dia nak masuk NS?" I know mummy control her tears. Poor mummy. She loves me so much. I just want to poo poo la mummy~~~

I love mummy so much that I want all of you to see a few of her favourite pictures. At first I look like mummy.. but now look like daddy. Why my face kept on changing?

Pic taken on 5th August 2006. The day I was born. Look like mummy when she was a baby.

Pic taken when I was about to wear my t shirt and shorts. I was about 1.5 weeks old.

I am about 12 days old. Daddy bought for my spec. Aren't I cool?

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