Friday, December 22, 2006

Yipeeee.. Fa'iz will be 5 months soon

Dear son,

You'll be 5 months old soon. It's been very fruitful to see you grow up. Mummy in lazy mode to update blog. We've been busy going out and having your cousins coming over during the holidays. Your 3 bedok cousins and 4 of daddy's nephew and nieces spend some time at our place. They love to play with you, kiss you and all the children would like to carry you around.

A few days ago you surprised mummy and daddy again..

Incident 1:

You were sitting on my lap. Daddy was having a conversation with you. When daddy said "Mummy work okay?" You immediately shooked your head. We were shocked. We thought it was a coincidence. Daddy repeat the question twice and you shooked your head again. Daddy then said "Daddy work?" You just blinked your eyes and when daddy repeat his question again, you just look at him with no reaction. I am surprised you know how to respond to it. Mummy and daddy never teach you to do this. After that mummy explained that I will work when you go to childcare or else mummy will be bored at home. You kept quiet and look at another direction as if you don't want to have this conversation. Well we have another 13 months before you can go to childcare. We'll take our time to explain to you.

Incident 2:
Last night daddy was talking to you. I don't remember what daddy said. But out of sudden you said "I know" very clearly. Maybe mummy and daddy always say "I know" that's why you could say it.

We have lots of pictures to upload. I'll do it when my lazy mode is over.


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