Monday, February 12, 2007

A date with Aunty Lin

Mummy brought me along to meet Aunty Lin. Everybody is working but these 2 ladies enjoyed themselves eating and chatting. Too bad I don't know how to speak yet. If not I would have daddy for 'upah' to tell him what mummy and her friend talk about. hahahhahaha It has been a long time mummy meet her friends. Aunty Lin bought for me pyjamas. Very nice of her. I love it. Thank you. Will wear it after mummy wash it for me.

I know mummy much more happier after meeting Aunty Lin. Aunty Lin is mummy's blood sister. At least today mummy has a friend to talk to. Everyday mummy did not talk to anybody except for daddy and ME. Usually daddy will ask "How's Hilman?; Dah makan? Buat apa?" hehehehe Mummy will always say to daddy "u nak air apa?; jagakan hilman sekejap while i bla bla bla; tadi hilman bla bla bla" and mummy will say to me "Ya sayang...; mummy here...; give mummy 2 minutes;" and everyday mummy will sing and read books to me. Usually mummy will read to me at least 1 book per day. If I can still pay attention, mummy will read to me 2 books. She will read to me the circus book and animal book. And do you want to know something? Daddy never heard mummy sing since the day he got to know mummy. Even when I am around mummy always sing to me secretly. hahahahaha Daddy :P

I just realize mummy and Aunty Lin did not take pictures today. Maybe they are busy talking till they forgot to take pictures. I stop here for now.. I want to sleep. night night all.

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