Saturday, February 03, 2007

Love mummy & daddy

ahh woooo.. uhhh urgghhh.. I can make these sounds. In fact I can make a lot of sounds. Mummy and daddy said I membebel when I am not happy. hehehehe Today I stayed at home since daddy got to go to work. Mummy wanted to bring me to Kakak Atikah birthday party but I am very cranky today. I have rashes around my chin area. The medicine doctor gave me makes me drowsy. Maybe we will meet Kakak Atikah when Aunty Hazelee and Aunty Husna free. Mummy really look forward for the party as she thought this will be my first birthday party invitation. :(

Yesterday I went out with my parents. Mummy wanted to have fun with me but we end up eating nasi ayam at two places. All because of daddy! In the morning daddy wanted to eat nasi ayam stall at Clementi area. A few of his friend recommended that stall. The stall has been around for a month and I believe this is one of the many branches in Singapore. Mummy find it nice. Daddy think other wise. Daddy still not satisfied. After running some errands, daddy bring us to Tanglin Halt to eat NASI AYAM AGAIN! Mummy don't find it nice. Mummy have enough of chicken rice. She never eaten chicken rice so many times in a day! Mummy freak out when daddy asked her if she wants to go to Bugis to eat nasi ayam. That is his favourite nasi ayam stall. Mummy was speechless and hoping daddy was joking. As for me, I slept most of the time and thank goodness I cannot eat nasi ayam yet!

A few days ago we visited my grandparents. They are my daddy's parents. I was okay and didn't cry. Before going to their place, mummy kept on telling me not to cry and my grandparents love me very much. At night daddy wants to go for a movie with mummy. Mummy was half hearted. Daddy insist that I will be okay with my grandparents. Mummy left and still unsure. Mummy worried that I will cry and look for her and daddy. Mummy kept on sms my uncle to ask if I was okay. My parents watched apocalypto. There are a few scene where the children we left behind because their parents were killed or being captured as slaves. Mummy cried while watching. She feels sad leaving me at grandparents place.She feels as if the children in the movie is me crying. She really wanted to leave but she tried her best to control her feelings so that daddy can enjoy the movie.After the movie mummy and daddy rushed to grandparents place to pick me up. Mummy thought daddy was cool about leaving me behind. I was sleeping when they reached my grandparents place. Daddy kept on kissing me. hahahahah daddy miss me already. Both my parents love me so much that they find it difficult to leave me. Daddy told mummy that he is very sure that mummy will cry when I attend school in future. Mummy just smiled speechless.

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