Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ups and Downs

Dear Hilman,

Mummy really stressed up now. Daddy at the hospital observation ward. He had migraine since last night. The pain remains the same. I had migraine too but it subsides. Now I am having the migraine again. Mummy feeling anxious. Wish I am with daddy right now. I wonder how is he. I sms and called daddy but he have not responded. I hope nothing serious. We have been unwell as a family. You had high fever 40 deg cel last 3 weeks, after that so many check up for your skin, after mummy had to go for stomach scan-i can see the pics of my intestines and it will not be good news because it had spread to my other parts of intestines.... we'll see what happens and now daddy not well. I hope mummy and daddy can live long enough to bring you up. I've always been thinking what will happen if both mummy and daddy not well. Eventhough we have set aside for you a number of investments and financial stuff but I believe you still need us emotionally and physically. But I believe there must be a reason why Allah give us these tests. Due to that I've made my final decision which I will propose to daddy. It's for your future. I hope daddy will agree to my decision this time. It's tough for us but we want to give the best for you. I just feel like crying but I can't cry.. I just don't know why.

In having so much challenges.. we have some good news.. read below.. I extract only part of it...

Dear Atiah,

Congratulations! Your child, Fa'iz Hilman Bin Lufti, has been short-listed for the semi-finals of the BabyCare Baby Idol Contest – Enchanting Eyes!

Please take note of the following reporting details:
Date: 2 March 2007 (Friday)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Hall 401 (stage area)
Time of contest: 4.30pm

That's the good news! I've submit the pic on the left of this website. You wearing the turqoise cap. We see how it goes.. if daddy condition worsen.. we have to let it go....

Don't know why since yesterday I felt yesterday was our last family outing together. Maybe mummy getting emotional or too worried that both mummy and daddy are sick. What will happen to you if anything goes wrong? Will the guardian I've decided willing to take care of you? Seems like I have to act fast. I will do it soon.. I will not wait any longer....

Yesterday we went to Botanical Gardens after mummy's check up. It was spontaneous. We didn't plan it. Daddy bought a mat at a nearby shop and off we go...

Hilman looking at fishes.
Daddy feeding Hilman.
Daddy looks cute in the blue hat! hahahahaha

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