Friday, July 20, 2007

Miss me?
Hi all...
Miss me? Mummy has been busy working and attending to me. Mummy has no time to update my blog till now. Mummy has not been lucky about switching her career. Seems like she is going to remain in the training line. I am 11 months old already. In a few weeks time I will be 1 year old. Mummy so excited about my birthday but seems like we can't do much because there is a family event which falls on my birthday. Mummy feels sad about this but I know mummy will think of something for us. Even a simple one will do. As long as I have a picture to look at to remember my 1 year old birthday. The first must always be the best and the rest of my life will be better.
I've been doing a lot of things for the past few weeks. Above are some of my pictures and video link. I took pictures with my new friend Taz. Taz is also mummy's favourite. Mummy got his t-shirt, hat and soft toy. I love it too and I love to bite it's nose!
As for my update.. now I can eat more solid food, I can walk 3 or 4 steps, I bite professionally, I can say "YES!" confidently when I want something, I know how to pretend to cry, I want to try any food mummy and daddy eats, I babble a lot, I clap my hand when I feel like it, I can do the twinkle twinkle little star action, I explore more areas in the house, in the shopping centre I will grab anything within reach and I will cry when mummy or daddy leave for work and me being left alone with bibik.
Well that's my update at the moment. Bye!

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