Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mischief: Biscuit

Dear Son,

Sometimes I wonder if you ever get tired playing. Seems like you played whole day without any rest. While I was having coffee and bread for dinner you were walking around the house and heading towards my bedroom. I tried to distract you by giving one of your biscuit container. Later you want to the blue container. I let you have it knowing that both container were tightly sealed. You walk around the house with both containers and finally you sat down and play with the containers. I heard the banging sound and you were observing the container. Out of sudden I notice you were very quiet. I know you were up to something. I look at you and I saw you sitting on the floor. I feel funny but I assured myself that you were just playing with the containers. I finished my coffee and on the way to the kitchen I saw all the biscuits is all over the floor. You managed to open the blue container. I was shocked and I told our maid to keep quiet. I want to get a video of the mess you did. You can check out the video at I will upload it in youtube too. I took the video of you messing the floor and you were so engrossed that you didn't realised I caught you red handed!

Later I taught you how to salam. I held your hand and move my hand towards your mouth. The third time we practise it you wanted to bite my finger! Your 7th teeth is growing. Maybe you feel uncomfortable at gum area.

I love your mischiefs. I love for who you are and what you are. I love your smile, your laughter and I love you with all my heart.

*Hugs Fa'iz Hilman*

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